Thursday, December 17, 2009

Busting Boredom

There is nothing that can make the summer (or winter) seem longer than being bored. When your child tells you they are bored, here is your solution…

With that first complaint of boredom, you will need to gather a few things, or you could do this in advance so you are prepared. You will need:

• Construction Paper
• Marking pens
• Tape
• Coffee can or wide mouthed jar (a pickle jar works well)
• Writing paper or printer paper
• Scissors

To start, you and your child will need to make a list of activities that will bust the boredom…keep in mind that there are about 3 months of summer vacation, so you will need quite a few options. It is great if you end up with lots of ideas, as this project really works for any time of the year. Examples of activities to list include:

Make a "Boondoggle" keychain

Make a "Hairy Head" grass plant

Make a pet rock

Make boo-boo bunnies

Make a painted shirt

Make a handprint pillowcase

Make a handprint apron

Make rain sticks

Make paper beads/ make paper bead necklaces

Make a solar system necklace

Build a dream catcher

Make a tissue paper butterflies)

Make fun masks

Make a newspaper kite

Make your own parchment

Make "homemade" bubble bath

Make a fairy (pdf)

Make a fairy house for the garden

Plant a fairy garden

Print each project name neatly on the writing paper, or print them out on your printer. Cut them into strips with one project name on each strip. Make a label for your can or jar using the construction paper and marking pens, then affix it with the tape. Place the strips into the can or jar, and the next time your child cries boredom, have them draw out two or three options and do one. You may want to try and stock up on the supplies needed for the activities you list if they include things you don’t normally have on hand.

Here is to a fun and boredom free summer.

Happy crafting!

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