Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Stash

For years I diapered on the cheap due to financial necessity. My first stash included:

15 Gerber DSQ's , 3 contoured diapers, and 12 (6 layer flannel) lay-in style/pocket stuffers
1 dozen various doublers (fleece/terry/flannel, velour/terry/flannel, flannel/terry/flannel)
18 microfiber towels
3 mommy-made fleece pockets, 1 mommy made microfleece/PUL pocket, 1 Fuzzi Bunz, and 1 Happy Heiny
22 covers...9 mommy-made 2 layer fleece, 2 mommy-made fleece/PUL, 3 crocheted wool, 3 mommy-made microfleece/PUL, 1 mommy-made recycled wool, 1 Biobottoms wool cover, 1 Gerber EZ wrap, 2 Cot'nWraps
24 stay-dry fleece liners
4 dozen various cloth wipes (infant washcloths, flannel/velour, flannel/flannel)

I now have:

2 dozen Little Lion Unbleached Preemie Prefolds
26 Little Lion Unbleached Infant Prefolds
64 Bleached Regular Prefolds (23 embellished)
2 Bleached Regular Prefitteds
15 Bubele Bum One Size pockets
2 snap converted Bum Genius 2.0 One Size Pockets
2 No-name One Size Pockets
1 Haute Pocket One Size
2 Bum Joy One Size Pockets
2 Mama-made Minkee Pockets
22 Newborn Snappiable Fitteds
2 Preemie/Newborn Snap fitteds
3 Small Snap Fitteds
1 Small Happy Heiny
1 Small Fuzzi Bunz
39 Little Lion Unbleached Flats
3 upcycled sweatshirt preflats
2 Organic Bamboo Velour and Print Preflats
1 Organic Cotton Velour and Print Preflat
18 Fleece Topped Organic Hemp Doublers
6 Cotton Jersey doublers
60 fleece liners
8 Snappis
8 pairs of Dritz pins
Various covers (too many to count!!!)...Wool (NB-Toddler sizes: Sacks, Wraps, Soakers, Shorties, Longies), Acrylic (Wraps, Soakers, Shorties, Longies), PUL (NB-Toddler sizes: Wraps and Pull-on), Fleece (Wraps, Longies)
11 pairs of Babyleg brand legs, 2 pairs of mama made legs
8 dozen wipes
1 wipe warmer
1 travel wet bag
1 large pail liner
1 Rubber Maid bin turned diaper pail

Of course, since I am totally addicted, and always making or purchasing more things, this list is definitely subject to change!! (Just a note, LOL, this stash is for my soon-to-be newborn and my toddler!)

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