Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Treating and Preventing Diaper Rash

What is diaper rash?

Diaper rash is a reddening of the skin in the diaper area and is caused by bacteria taking advantage of the warm moist environment inside the diaper. Urine and bacteria mix to create ammonia which burns baby ~ this occurs in disposable diapers as well as cloth. Many perfumes, detergents or ointments may cause diaper rash, as well as tight diaper elastic or spicy/citrus foods.

How is it treated and prevented?

Serious cases can be prevented by following these suggestions.

1. Change baby's diaper each time he/she wets. Disposable diapers should be changed as often as cloth.

2. Wash your baby's bottom with warm water at every diaper change.

3. Pat baby's bottom dry or allow to air dry before diapering.

4. Let baby spend a few hours each day without a diaper. When wearing a diaper, use a breathable diaper cover such as wool or nylon. Apply a thin layer of diaper rash ointment or use a stay-dry liner. Do not use ointment on broken or blistered skin.

5. Avoid scented detergents or fabric softeners in your wash. Adding vinegar to the final rinse removes any soap residue, but if the rash continues, try reducing the amount of vinegar as it may also cause rashes if used in great amounts.

6. Wash your hands after every diaper change to prevent the spread of infection.

7. If the rash persists after 3 days of treatment, see your baby's doctor.

A CD friendly ointment recipe

1/3 c lanolin, 3 T honey, 2 T olive oil, 2 T cod liver oil (for vitamins A and D), 5 or 6 vitamin E caplets, 8-10 drops of tea tree oil, and 8-10 drops of lavender oil. Melt all of this together (20-30 seconds at a time in a small container in the microwave works well (I use a container that is about 1 cup size with a snap on lid). Let it cool and solidify. Use sparingly, a little goes a long way! I suggest using a liner, whether fleece or disposable, with any diaper rash ointment, homemade or commercial.


  1. Thanks for the "recipe"! I found it off of the cloth diaper wool soaker group. Have you had any problems with needing to strip your dipes after using it for a bit? Just wondering, I plan on making some up either way. Also, who is this "stacy" and where do I get her lanolin? Everyone raves about it, but I have no idea where she sells! TIA!

  2. I ususally use a liner all the time, but even when I have forgotten to, I have never had any problems with this recipe. A little goes a VERY long way, and doesn't seem to leave a residue as far as I have seen.

    Stacey is a GREAT mama...her shop is