Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Those Cloth Diapering Necessities and Accessories

Diapers How many cloth diapers will I need? This depends on how often you intend to wash them and your budget. The typical baby uses 8 - 12 diapers per day. With a supply of 24 diapers, 4 diaper covers and 24 washable liners, you would need to do laundry about every other day. The ideal amount of diapers would be 36 - 48. This way you should be able to go 3 - 4 days between washing diapers.

Types of Cloth Diapers

Prefolds- a flat diaper that is thicker in the middle.. need pins or snappi (comes in bleached or unbleached...premie, infant, regular, premium, toddler...All I've needed were infant and premiums), usually needs a snappi or pins needs a cover


Prefold Diaper Sizes

Size/Number of layers/Measurements Preshrunk(Shrunk)/Serging stitch color/Weight Limit/Reccomended Uses

Preemie/2X6X2/10inX13 1/2in(9inX11in)/White/About 8 lbs/Fits small and preemie babies, use as a doubler later. (Not pictured)

Infant/4X8X4/12inX16in(11inX13 1/2in)/Dark Green/Up to 15 lbs/Fits babies up to 4 mos., use as a doubler later.

Regular/4X6X4/14inX21in(13inX16 1/2in)/White/Up to about 25-30lbs/Fits all ages, can be used as a doubler for toddlers.

Premium/4X8X4/14 1/2inX22in(13 1/2inX19 1/2in)/Blue/Up to about 25-30lbs/Fits older babies and toddlers, overnight for babies over 15lbs.

/18inX23in/(16 1/2 inX21in)/Light Green/Fits from about 25 to 50lbs/For extra heavy wetters, overnight, or babies over 30lbs.

2 dozen flats, snappi, 4 pr pins
Flats- single layer diapers usually made of birdseye or gauze...need to be folded to fit.. secure with pins or snappi. Can also be stuffed in a pocket or folded and placed in a cover layin style, needs a cover.

Preflats- a multilayerd diaper (usually 2 or 3), sized like prefolds. Secure with pins or a snappi, needs a cover.

SNAPPED dipes!!
Fitted- a diaper shaped like a disposable with elastic at the legs and back...needs a cover. can have velcro or snaps, or need pinned or snappied.

Contours- a shaped diaper similar to a fitted, but without the elastic, needs pinned or snappied. Needs a cover.

open, flannel up-LG
All in one(AIO) or AI2- are diaper and cover in one item, though AI2's can have a snap in soaker, needs no pins, snappis, or seperate cover. (Pictured is a snap in AI2 with a tri-fold soaker)

Pocket diapers- There are several types of pocket diapers...These are similar to AIO's, but the soaker part is removable from the diaper shell. Some newer pockets offer a "one-size' option, and feature snaps on the front for adjusting the size of the diaper

Covers-unless you are going with pocket or AIO (or AI2) type diapers, the you will need some sort of cover. They come in many different styles and materials from basic nylon pull-ons, to wraps, to high end hand knit woolies. I suggest 6 - 8 covers since they should air between uses and this way you'll always have some available, even while doing laundry. For nighttime covers, such as heavy duty wool soakers, I suggest having at least 2, as these take time to dry.
Li'l Aries Soakers
Li'l Aries Soakers (and skirties). Patterns for these and many more knit and crochet designs are available at With A Tangled Skein. Finished garments are available at the etsy shop Tangled Skeins.

Liners---either microfleece, or storebought flushable. They are great for keeping your diapers free from stains and I consider them a must for nighttime, or when a rash cream is needed! I suggest you buy or make about the same amount of liners as diapers if you go with the washable variety, although some prefer to buy less and use them only for nighttime.

Snappi and Pins---I suggest a couple of snappis (you only need 1 at a time) over pins as they are in general safer and easier to use, but some moms prefer Dritz pins with secure locking heads. I like to have some pins on hand for those 'coverless' days or for dipes that are not snappi-friendly. For tips on how to use a snappi see

Doublers---these are like an extra soaker(the absorbant part)for your diaper. They are made of many different types of materials, but all serve the same purpose
Some of the fleece topped 3 layer hemp doublers I made for my son.

PUL pail liners, wetbags or waterproof totes(or plastic bags)and a large diaper pail. 10 gallons is usually enough. If you plan to use the presoak method in your diaper pail, make sure it has a locking lid, as children have drowned in unsecured diaper pails. (pictured is a travel size wetbag/tote from Tangled Skeins

A diaper duck (diaper dunking tool) or minishower (handheld sprayer) I just became the very happy owner of a minishower after 8 years of cloth diapering, and LOVE it!!

A Downy ball---for vinegar rinse(used instead of fabric softener as fabric softener coats your dipes and causes odor and repelling issues) for use in a top-loading washing machine

A drying rack....I find mine indispensible! Wonderful for airing out covers between uses, or drying those precious woolies!

An outside clothesline and clothes pins  to 'sun' out stains...yes this REALLY works (not a must, but nice)!

Baskets or stackers for storing your diapers and supplies.

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