Thursday, December 17, 2009

Preparing Your Prefolds or Flats for the First Use

When you first get your new diapers (unless you buy used...but then I'd do this anyway) they will be completely flat...not puffy at well as a bit larger than their final size. They are not yet ready to use.

For bleached prefolds or any flats:

Wash on HOT (Turn your water heater up if needed)once with detergent, and 3 to 5 more times without detergent, then dry.

For unbleached prefolds:

I suggest boiling them on the stove for about 10 to 15 mins. before washing and drying them as above to make sure you get all of the natural oils out.


After washing and drying your diapers, test one...take a small amount of water and pour it on a diaper...does it soak in or roll off? If it soaks in quickly, you are good to go, if it rolls off, you need to wash and dry your diapers again. Test again, and repeat until the water absorbs into the diaper quickly.

Photobucket2 dozen flats, snappi, 4 pr pins

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