Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Diapering Cost Breakdown

So how much does it really cost to diaper a baby?

Single-use disposable diapers range in price from an average of $0.22 each for newborn to $0.45 each for toddler size.
Your baby will use an estimated 7,349 diapers by the time they are toilet trained...(estimating an average of 8 diaper changes per day).

That is an estimated total of $2,694 for 7,349 disposable diapers!

Cloth diapers cost from roughly $2 each for Chinese Pre-folds or flats(the most economic options) to an average of $16 each for the most expensive options (AIO or pockets and insert, AIO's averaging a slightly higher cost) You will need at least 3 dozen CPF or AIO/pockets if you plan to wash twice a week That is an estimated total of $72 for CFP; add the cost of at least 16 covers (for the full diapering period...birth to toilet trained), average cost $5, for a total of $152 for 36 CPF and 16 covers or an estimated $576 for 36 AIO's or pockets and inserts.

Consumer Reports estimates that the most inefficient washer and dryer system costs approximately $0.78 per load, whereas more efficient models cost approximately $0.44 per load. So washing your own twice a week for $0.44-0.78/load, including water, electricity and detergent, for 2.5 years equals 260 loads...for a total of $114.40 to $202.80 for laundering costs...


adding it all up, you will spend a maximum total of $354.80 for the CPF/covers option, and an estimated maximum total of 778.80 for the AIO/pockets option!!

That is a whopping savings of $2,339.20if you choose to use CPF's and covers, and an average savings of $1,915.20 for the AIO or pockets and inserts option, without even mentioning the savings you will have on gas for the car, and your all too precious time!!!

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